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Letter:  Family supports the Murray Center State Journal Register  11/26/2015

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ABC Nightly News:  Breakthrough for Down Syndrome and Austism  Published on YouTube

Festivities planned in October to celebrate Murray's future   Breese Journal  8/14/2015

Death of Employee at Murray Center under Investigation  wjbdradio.com  8/10/2015

New DHS Secretary:  'There Is No Closure List.  Murray is Not Closing.'   wjbdradio.com  5/20/2015

State Agency Hosts Open Forum at Murray Center for Parents and Employees  charliemeier.net  4/10/2015

Groups vastly differ on closing of developmental centers  ilnews.org  3/31/2015

Acting Murray Center Director Leaving; National Search to be Conducted for New Director  wjbdradio.com  3/9/ 2015  

Starr Leaving Murray Center for Facility in Georgia  x95radio.com  3/9/2015

Rep. Meier receives the Partner in Advocacy award  Sentinel  3/1/2015

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President of Murray Parents Association Presented Key to City of Salem wjbdradio.com  2/11/2015

Murray Center Parents saluted during Salem gathering  Sentinel  2/11/2014 

Rita with KeyKey to Salem

            Representative Cavaletto, Rita Winkeler, Mayor Raymer

CRA and 'Rent a Cops' Gone from Murray Center  wjbdradio.com  2/10/2015