FFMC Fundraiser 9/6/2014

The Front Line Award was presented to Rita Winkeler, MPA and FFMC by Rita Burke IL-ADD.    The award reads "to Rita Winkeler, MPA and FFMC.  In the struggle to preserve the rights of all our loved ones.  With admiration and appreciation.  IL-ADD 2014.  

IL-ADD is an organization whose members include the presidents and other key people from all seven of our State Operated Developmental Centers.  They are a partner plaintiff with MPA and individuals plaintiffs in our federal lawsuit.  

Thank you IL-ADD for this award and for your work to help protect the rights and ensure the safety of the fragile people who need the level of care provided in centers like Murray.  It is a pleasure to work along side you and others for this common goal.

FFMC presented Representative Charlie Meier with an award which reads "The Friends for Murray Center wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to you in recognition of your extraordinary efforts to save Murray Center.  Your compassionate commitment and devotion on behalf of the residents of Warren G. Murray Developmental Center is greatly appreciated."